Issac Delgado

  • Dec. 05, 2019
  • Scherr Forum Theatre
  • Tickets: $82.00, $62.00, $52.00
Issac Delgado is an award-winning composer, vocalist, and performer who has played an essential role in the evolution of Cuban music as it is known today. Born in Havana in 1962, he helped to further both the salsa and timba genres, starting his career as a group member of several prominent Cuban bands. He went on to establish himself as a solo artist and leader of a number of talented musical groups throughout his career, all laced with his unique creative sensibility. Having recently returned to Cuba after ten years abroad, Delgado is poised to launch a new offering in 2019 with his latest release Lluvia Y Fuego, the highly anticipated 17th album of the treasured “El Chevere De La Salsa”.



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