Direction to Loading Docks and Artist Entrance | Bank of America Performing Arts Center | Official Site

Fred Kavli Theatre

  1. The loading dock and artist’s entrance to the Fred Kavli Theatre are located off of Conejo School Rd. Turn south off of Thousand Oaks Blvd onto Conejo School Rd. (one block east of the parking structure entrance at Dallas Dr).
  2.  The first right hand turn is an access road leading to the loading dock. There is no street name but there is a sign reading, "To Kavli Theatre Loading Dock, City of Thousand Oaks, Deliveries".
  3.  Proceed approximately 300 yards to the parking lot behind the Fred Kavli Theatre and the Fred Kavli Theatre Loading Dock. Artist entrance is to the right of the Loading Dock.

Janet & Ray Scherr Forum Theatre

  1. The loading dock and artists’ entrance to the Scherr Forum are on the west side of the Bank of America Performing Arts Center.
  2.  From Thousand Oaks Blvd. turn left or right (depending on which direction you approach from) onto Dallas Dr., turn left into the Short Term (2 hour) parking lot, turn right toward the lift-arm gate; the artists’ entrance is the white double-doors directly ahead; the loading dock is to the left of the artists’ entrance.
  3.  Access to the dock area may be restricted, please contact the Stage Supervisor to have the gate opened.
  4.  Parking in the loading dock area is restricted to one vehicle in front of the loading dock only; all other vehicles should be parked in the parking structure, 4th level or above; multiple vehicles may park in the Loading Dock area for immediate unloading and loading only... please do not park company vehicles in the Handicapped spaces, the red zone, or directly in front of the lift arm gate.