Thank you for your interest in the Volunteer Ambassador Program at the Thousand Oaks Bank of America Performing Arts Center. Please see the FAQ section below and then click on the link to fill out an application. Someone will get back to you shortly about when our next training will be.

FAQ: How many shows do I have to work each month?  We ask all Volunteers to commit to about 3 shows a month for at least 6 months out of the year. This is not a mandatory number. We understand some months you may have more time to volunteer than others.  There is no penalty if you need to skip a month altogether or if you can only do 1 show that month.  Some of our volunteers work 6 - 8 shows a month and some work 2-3 shows a month.  The important thing to know about this program is that we do ask for regular participation. The more you volunteer, the more comfortable you get with the requirements of the position. 

Are there any physical limitations to the job? All our Volunteer Ambassadors should be prepared to work on any level. It is best if you are comfortable walking up and down stairs (we have hand rails), you should also be comfortable standing for at least an hour straight (before the show begins). Our shifts last approximately 4 hours- however, usually, you will be able to sit during the show.

Do I get to watch the show? Most of the time, yes! We try our best to get our volunteers seated in the back row of each level so you can sit and watch the show. Generally speaking, you might miss the first 5-10 minutes of the show as you continue to seat late patrons.  If the show is sold out, there may not be an opportunity to sit down and watch the show from inside the Theatre, but we do have monitors in the lobby you can watch it on, or there may be limited opportunities to stand in designated areas to watch the show.  We can't guarantee anything however so we always tell our volunteers, if you REALLY want to see the's best to buy a ticket. However, getting to see the majority of the show is a fun benefit to being a Volunteer Ambassador.

How long in the training? You will first attend an orientation that lasts around 4 hours. During this orientation, you will tour both of our theatres, learn some basic policies as well as learn our online signup system, VicNet. After orientation, your first 2 shows will be training shifts where you shadow one of our Coordinators or Trainers. Then you are on-boarded and can sign up for any available shows that month.

Where do I get my uniform? You provide your own uniform. We will go over the specifics at Orientation but it’s basically black slacks and a black top with black, comfortable, closed-toe shoes.  Many volunteers find they have the items already in their closet. We will show you examples of acceptable uniforms at orientation.

Are there any other requirements I should know about: You should have regular access to a smartphone OR computer with internet. The way you sign up for shows each month is with an online schedule.  There is an app to download or a website you can go to. We will teach you how to use the website and app at orientation.

CAP Volunteer Usher Program Application 
  CURRENT VOLUNTEERS: Using your username and password, you may log into VicNet to choose your shows at the link below:

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