Journey Reflections

Journey Reflections


International Folk Dance Ensemble with Mountain Strings

With a beautiful array of ethnic costumes and props, International Folk Dance Ensemble presents a program of dances from more than a dozen nations, including Ukraine, Russia, Korea, Poland, Mexico, India, and the United States.

Reflections shares strength from the past through traditional music and dance. Join the dancers for 90 minutes as they portray cultures from all over the world. Experiencing the ensemble’s furious footwork, pulsing rhythms, live music, and vibrant costumes will leave you with a special kind of wanderlust. Through a variety of dances—American clogging, Irish step dance, Indian folk fusion, Ukrainian hopak, and more—Journey: Reflections invites all to look back and reflect on the path that has shaped us into who we are today and to find unity in differences. Despite their diverse appearances, the dances exemplify how we all have the same human experiences. Let’s commit to reach out in wonder as we reflect together.

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