The Journey Concert Experience starring Separate Journeys

The Journey Concert Experience starring Separate Journeys


The Journey Concert Experience featuring Separate Journeys

The ultimate Journey show celebrates Steve Perry's Journey in Concert from the 1970's!

LA's hottest new Journey Tribute show has been steadily gaining a following since they recently formed this year. Made up of veteran members of the Los Angeles musician community,

these session and stage musicians are the best the West Coast has to offer.

Separate Journeys comprises Los Angeles's finest players and voices, coming together to bring to life a classic catalog of songs and melodies and to deliver the same level of detailed showmanship that has dazzled arenas and stadiums. Five top-tier music industry professionals with coast-to-coast resumes on a mission to be the world's best and most passionate tribute to the Steve Perry era Journey

Vocalist Paulie Z channels the soaring vocal power of Steve Perry, commanding the stage. Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, he led his own band ZO2 through a tour with rock heavyweights KISS and Poison, a band which was also chronicled in the IFC comedy series “Z Rock.” Upon moving to Los Angeles, Paulie was also recruited to sing another legendary catalog with UK glam rockers Sweet.

Joined by guitarist Steve Zukowsky, Drummer Glenn Jost, Keyboardist Victor Bender and bassist Aaron Samson, Paulie Z's Steve Perry completes the full cast of this acclaimed concert presentation celebrating the music of one of the most iconic rock groups of our time.

You'll hear many of your favorite Journey songs!

Don't Stop Believin' - Faithfully - Wheel In The Sky - Anyway You Want It -

Who's Crying Now - Separate Ways (World's Apart) - Patiently

Don't miss the ultimate Journey Concert Experience starring Separate Journeys.

It's a family-friendly show suitable for all ages!

    "Separate Journeys is the best Journey Tribute on the West Coast!"

• - LA Weekly


Date Performance Times
Feb 14, 2025 1:38 PM Buy Tickets

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