The Led Zeppelin Concert Experience Featuring Zep-LA

The Led Zeppelin Concert Experience Featuring Zep-LA


The mountaintop peak of classic rock legends is indisputably Led Zeppelin. With a catalog featuring some of the most revered songs in history ever to ring from speakers, its songs combine a unique tapestry of propulsive rock chords and wistful, gentle acoustic layers, spanning the raw lust of rock and roll and the worlds of fantasy and the occult.

ZEP-LA delivers a powerful recreation of Led Zeppelin's catalog like no other. This is the dream of some of LA's top session musicians, a dream to capture the intangible essence of the definitive rock and roll band. A labor of love and a true love letter to the fans who still believe in Led Zeppelin's enduring magnetism.

This is the ultimate live Led Zeppelin concert performance highlighting the greatest and most popular music of their career,

including 'Stairway to Heaven,' 'Rock and Roll,' 'Whole Lotta Love,' 'Black Dog,' and many more 'Live In Concert' favorites!

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