IVAN AMODEI presents

Secrets & Illusions

  • Oct. 10, 2020
  • Scherr Forum Theatre
  • Tickets: $89.00, $59.00
Join illusionist and winner of Penn & Teller Fool Us, Ivan Amodei on an epic journey to discover the secrets of life in his brand new stage show SECRETS & ILLUSIONS. Ivan's new show is now on a national tour. 
With his signature style of thought-provoking vignettes, audience participation, uplifting messages and storytelling, Ivan guides you through the galleries of the legendary Louvre Museum while accompanied by an enchanting musical muse and concert violinist.  Follow Ivan as he uncovers life's greatest mysteries deep inside the priceless works of art one dazzling illusion at a time. 
Watch a guest face their greatest fear as an intense game of Russian Roulette begins with a surgically sharp 12" Bowie hunting knife. Discover the mysteries of Vincent Van Gogh's infamous painting "Starry Night." Filled with brain-games, secrets, magic, music, illusion, and tons of audience participation; anything can happen to anyone at any time - might it be you?


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